No Time For Stargazing

November 29, 2017
By gillijam GOLD, Murray, Utah
gillijam GOLD, Murray, Utah
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Why do stars only shine in the night?
When the light is hidden, and all is dark
Because this rare form of beauty must not be obstructed by the sun
Simply because it is closer

It is for this reason that most only glance up at them
Before turning away and slamming their doors
Few are dedicated enough, daring enough
To brave the dark for these stars

You were one of these rare few
You camped out on your roof that summer
With your sleeping bag and lantern
Determined to see it through till morning

You gazed with off guard awe up at the constellations
Prying your eyes open when you felt yourself
Starting to drift off
It was how you made it through the night

But that was only one sunset, one sunrise
Of countless others
In the end, you’re still an untouchable creation of daylight
You can’t afford to waste your life away watching the stars

The author's comments:

The world is always moving so fast around us, and we as creatures of the day tend to turn away from the brilliant beauty that surrounds us. What truly do we miss? Which places, things, or people? 

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