I'll be able

November 29, 2017
By Anonymous

We stopped talking all of a sudden,

no reason as to why we lost words for one another.

knowing i have many left to say that i didn't tell.

have you found me boring?

have you found another?


Everytime your eyes meets mine,

the noise that surrounds us mute down

and volumes again as we look away,

acting like there were no gazes exchanged.


no words uttered,

no distance shortened.

yet those few glimpses

Were still enough to heat up my cheeks

and warm up my irregular beating heart.


It's easy to avoid, it's easy to get busy,
it's easy to act like i dont care.
it's even easier when you don't give a damn.

what is hard to do is to stop feeling.

stop my blood rushing to my cheeks

whenever you're there.

stop my heart from beating so loud

whenever you're there

stop myself looking for you

whenever you're not there.


Knowing that we no longer have that connection
i no longer have any intention.
to ask for more than you can give.
to hope for a chance that i will never get.
to be loved by you as i do to you.


one day i'll be able to say i loved you

when it wont hurt anymore.

when i wont give a damn like you do

because boy did i love you.

The author's comments:

that feeling when you are preparing yourself to confess to someone because both of you were in "M.U" mutual understanding but suddenly ended, having unsaid feelings forever left to be forgotten.

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