Just a Few Thoughts

November 29, 2017
By , Ormond Beach, FL

You love too much
and show too little?
I disagree.

Your heart of fire, and your cool temperament,
can only be seen through your sly smile.
Although you say you love too much,
you don’t love at all.

What makes you like me is that we both make
only I seem to pay for mine.

But only I hurt.

But only it is one sided.
But only I seem to be the
left broken.

Why should I say sorry?
You string me along,
you reel me in
like the Siren Song.

I am:

Unapologetic for my
unapologetic for my
unapologetic for being
the best version of myself.

Who am I?
Who am I, you ask?
I am Lachesis,
I am who you put your
faith in,
I am your hope,
I am your aspirations.

When encountering Destiny,
When encountering Death,
you’ll see who I am.
Although I am not God,
I have dreams, I have feelings,
but think of me when you
and I’ll grant your every wish.

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