November 29, 2017
By Wildcat161 BRONZE, South Hill, Virginia
Wildcat161 BRONZE, South Hill, Virginia
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It’s so easy to tell a girl
Who is in a toxic relationship
That the relationship is just that:

You can tell her the facts,
Scream them in her ears
But you can never change
The way she feels

You roll your eyes
You tell her she’s crazy
That she doesn’t know
What love really is

But love is a deceitful emotion
That invades the heart
And clouds the brain
And enraptures human kind

People say love
Is being blind to faults
As if the one you love
Is perfection personified

But real love
Is when after seeing the broken
And the messed up
You still notice the beauty underneath

Knowing this
It is easy to see
Why a man or a woman
Will withstand abuse

Those who truly feel love
Get into the habit of loving
And they love the ones
That may not deserve it

So when those flaws
Grow in size and
Start to consume you
You still see beauty

But with love
You must also have strength
Strength to realize the difference
Between the loves 

Love is not a perfect emotion
There is love that heals
And love that hurts
And love that changes lives

If a woman loves a man
And the man assaults her
With words of malice
Will she love him less?

If a man loves a woman
And the woman uses him
And tosses him to the side
Will he love her less?

The love doesn’t go away
The love doesn’t lose its meaning
The love is just

This is where strength
Comes into play
To ensure that love itself
Does not lead to destruction

But this is not by any means
Where the story ends
Leaving is only
Half the fight

I don’t know how many here
Have truly loved and left
But your brain and your heart
Work against you

When you are with the person
You only see the bad
When you leave
You only remember the good

You remember
The little things
The big things

You remember
Why you fell in love
Why you care so much
How everything started

You remember
Every inside joke
Every promise made
Every smile that led to laughter

You do not remember
The arguments
The fights
The fits of rage

You do not remember
How much it hurts
To give all you have
Until there is nothing left

You remember the love
You do not remember
The times when this love became

So you cry
And you start to miss
This love you shared
So you go back

And 98% of the time
You break again
And you know these odds
But you still hope for that 2%

Toxic love
Can be made pure
But it is a long,
Strenuous process

This process
Does not always
Yield success
But people do change

And hey,
There’s always
That chance
That 2% chance

So we take the abuse
In the name of love
Until we either find the strength to change
Or the strength to start over

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by both personal romanic experiences and the experiences of a close friend. It is my hope that others who are dealing with similar circumstaces can read this poem and discover that at least one person understands how they feel. I also hope it will cause one hopeless person to understand that they are part of a toxic relationship and that he or she needs to leave as soon as possible. 

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