Sounds like Teen Boredom

November 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Early morning rises, start the day off right.
Then off to poetry class to read some ramblings,
of emotion and memories. The white pages
Slowly putting me back to sleep. The incoherent
speech of tired teens reminding me of the importance
of coffee and good rest.

Next to the marines strict engineering class. His constant
dark humor and sarcasm, teaching me to think realistically.
Showing me that everything that makes you mad, can make you
laugh if someone makes a joke of it. Using complicated
computer programming to make simple objects of our
desires at the time. Great things are thought and crafted
at this idealistic school.

Off to calculus to realize that you do not need to know
everything of a subject to teach it to students who may or may
not ever use it. Instead of polynomials and imaginary numbers,
show us how to do taxes and survive full time college with a
part time job. As I look at the students around me, most on their
phones, it makes sense they don't pass the quizzes and tests.

Finally to physics to end the day with laughter as student and
teacher become people instead of the robots, schooling has
taught us to be. Even though majority of us students will not
Be using physics to solve for projectile motion. This powerful
knowledge will stick with us for ever.

If only I wasn't taking these classes as a senior already enrolled
in college, I could use this black hole of knowledge to excel in each class
more than I do. But it is too late to become interested, senioritis
has already taken ahold of me. I just wanna go back to sleep.

The author's comments:

My general boredom during school allowed me to write this free verse. I feel most seniors and some juniors will like this poem and will relate.

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