November 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Do you remember the last time we spoke?

I do.

We laid under the stars,

murmured wishes and hopes

in each others ears.


Do you remember the last time we touched?

Our lips carressed for the last time,

but we hoped and wished

it wouldn't be so.

Our final embrace was that of a dream.

Arms around one another,

both of us

wishing and hoping you wouldn't leave.


I remember our last day together,

like it happened only moments before.

We walked,

in silence on the beach,

wishing and hoping we would see one another again.

But we knew,

we knew that our seconds were fleeting,

that they were vanishing,

and we knew that it was almost time.


Do you remember?

You said you would,

you said you would never forget.

That you would always wish and hope,

you would always wish and hope that

we would lock eyes once again.


I remember

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