Mind Your Hunt

November 22, 2017
By Shadow. GOLD, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Shadow. GOLD, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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The prey skitters.


The big cat stalks steadily.


Looking back, the cat remembers its easy dinner.


The prey cannot say the same.


My mind is clawing at my skull, stalking

My thoughts, steadily, carefully.


I skitter away.


In review, my mind notes where it failed,

Where I hid, 

And how to win.

Maybe next time...


Looking back, I know no way

To starve my mind,

To make it quiet,

To end its hunger for destruction.


The big cat is hungry again.


The new prey knows no way to hide,

To survive,

To continue.


My mind is hungry.

Maybe this time...



Hiding inside myself,

I am the prey,

I am the hunted.

I only hope

Not yet...


The cat ate another meal,

Another life destroyed,

Another success.


The prey cannot say the same.


For a couple seconds,

My mind won.

Next time, maybe for longer...


The claws in my skull have

Come again, tearing.


The cat decides to hunt one last time.


The prey dies.


My mind wins





The cat sits,

Licking its sharp claws,



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