The Great Depression

November 28, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a global economic collapse
Something people hope will never relapse
Began in 1929
Caused worse depression to many than mine
The industrialized Western World had it coming
Their banks went down tumbling
Economic, social, and psychological strains
Caused frustration to their brains
Lost savings
Knew the banks wouldn’t be returning
Drastic declines of unemployment
Why can’t my father have a job?
He’s distant and indifferent
Deserted away
We need an explanation
Why were over 15 million unemployed?
It was caused by domestic and worldwide conditions:
Stock Market Crash
Bank failures
Reduction in trade
The American Economic Policy with Europe
Drought Conditions
Sent Wall street into a panic
Wiped out millions of investors in a minute
Fear consumed them
Didn’t end until over a decade later
How’s that for a Great Depression

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