Maybe If You Can Act

November 28, 2017
By NamesNamesandMoreNames SILVER, Stamford, Connecticut
NamesNamesandMoreNames SILVER, Stamford, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"What made something precious? Losing it and finding it."
-Celeste Ng
from Everything I Never Told You

I see you
You’re laughing
With friends
of friends
of friends.

You don’t know
that I’m watching
Your careful hesitation,
Your wandering eyes,
Your clenching hands.
impatiently tapping feet,
glassy far-away looks.
You are nervous.

You do not see
that I am the same.
I’m out of place
without anyone
who knows me.

We are both acting and
You don’t even see me

You don’t want to
You’d rather act
Like you belong
Like they’re your friends
Like you are laughing
And happy
And not acting

Because they don’t know
that you are.
And if your good enough
At acting (lying)- unlike me
Maybe you are happy
Maybe you’re not acting

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