Worth It

November 10, 2017
By Anonymous

I’m running
My breath has stopped coming
I push harder
I trip over a log
Then I’m
I try to get up but can’t
He’s fallen on top of me
The blade is pressed in my back
I try to push him off
It’s useless
I jump awake
It’s just a dream I tell myself
He walks into my room
I start
I try to get up
But I’m chained
There’s nowhere for me to go
I’m trapped and he knows it
He walks over and puts his hand to my cheek
I turn my head away
And wait
I know what’s coming next
But he doesn’t
I take the knife out from under my pillow
And push it as hard as I can into his jet black hair
I see the knife as it kisses the flesh
I hear the sound of metal on bone
If I die alone it’s worth it
He won’t hurt anyone else


The author's comments:

I hope people will see that when someone gets raped they don't ask for it happens and its not something you should joke about.

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