November 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Heartbeats connected and intertwined. Heartstrings conjoined ripped away into shreds. Looking back, realizing it had all been a game. A game to see how attached you would become. The feeling of pure stupidity lingering above my mind and slowly descending in. Should’ve realized it was a game. Should’ve been smarter. I had infused myself with the venomous thoughts of you. My heart transformed to fit the parts of you. The different parts of me incorporated to him suddenly collapsing under my crumbling heart. Expectations taken from dreams thrown onto the judging panel of reality. Racing mind realizing it was over. Everything once believed to be known, gone in the breaking of busted heartstrings. It takes a lot to break a heart, so I have been told. My heart however seemed to be a different case. The smallest of waves quickly conjuring up tsunami’s of pain. Days of heavy rainfall pouring down on my already flooded city. Everything inside was a constant flow of a mess. Piles of broken debris and haunted memories quickly stacking up to show a glimpse of false hope of anything ever getting better. Heartstrings one by one falling as if busted powerlines. The power now cut off and the city left in total darkness.

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