Foster care

November 10, 2017
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Imagine being alone in your home not having food
Having a headache crying yourself to sleep
Waiting for your mom and dad to come home

No one to talk to, no one to play with
No one to tuck you in at night
Waiting, waiting for something good

Imagine waking up in a world filled of love
Having a mom and dad that care about you
Making you breakfast every morning
Making you smile everyday


Imagine waking up having brothers and sisters
Playing with you and laughing all day
Going outside, playing games
Enjoying each other’s company


Imagine a permanent family
Watching movies together
Playing video games
Just being together


Knowing your mom and dad will not leave
Your brother and sisters won’t go away
Cousins, aunts, uncles all together
Having a good time at the holidays


And this is what I think of when I’m waiting for my mom and dad

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beenthrohellandback said...
today at 11:05 am
i loved it so much
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