November 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Take me back to starlit nights
To bonfire summers and firework lights
I want to drive by the beach and float on the waves
I want to feel the cool breeze and forget the worries I save

I’m craving soft serve ice cream from the food stand
I’m craving more freedom and time to relax on the sand
I want to collect pieces of sea glass and read all day
I want to swim in the ocean and catch its salty spray

I miss July rainstorms and moments of endless laughter
Making memories with family and saving pictures for after
I want to watch the sunset over the water and lose track of the hours
I want to meet new people and dance amongst the flowers

Take me back to those moments of pure bliss
Where nothing matters except the comfort of summer’s kiss
I want to love with passion and live with desire
I want to blaze so bright that my eyes burn like fire

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