November 10, 2017
By yailenne_ BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
yailenne_ BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Ode to My Abuela:

(inspired by Edna St. Vincent Millay)

The optimism that my abuela had
Went with her, and is still with her;
Manjar Blanco from Colombia guardado;
Guardado con la memoria de su sonrisa cuando lo comia.

Every day she celebrated a new beginning,
uplifting the morning with an addictive laugh.
Cherishing the presence of family,
leaving her worries for later.
Oh how I wish to hear,
her singing just one last time...

Como el sancocho,
Made to comfort others even when she needed it the most.
Her ingredients are a dash of gentleness,
a teaspoon of thoughtfulness,  and a cup of compassion.

If instead, she'd leave me
The thing she took into the grave!--
That optimism like Manjar Blanco; which she
Has no more need of, and I have.

The author's comments:

This was an ode to my grandma who passed away years ago. She was dear to my heart and I wished I had more time to bond with her; I wrote this poem in hopes of connecting with her through writing. Writing about a quality she possessed that I wish I could possess. Including Spanish phrases and words to convey to the reader that through Spanish is how I can express my love for my grandma. I named the poem "Julia" because that is her name. 

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