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November 10, 2017
By CreateWrite BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
CreateWrite BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
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You are superior
You do not respect superior
You do not respect me
You can not stop talking and when you do, you’re negative
You think the world revolves around you
You think you are the sun
You do not acknowledge others as they acknowledge you
You are not grateful
You have pet peeves that only apply to me
You have pet peeves for everyone but specifically me
You won’t let me have the power that I was so humbly given
You do not listen
You do not take complements
You respond, “I know” to “I really like your sweater”
You do not understand the learning process
You do not help anyone but yourself
You have no love for anyone but yourself
You are not superior
You think you are right
You do not accept anything wrong
You find yourself, satisfied
You are lazy
You get it done 3 hours late,
You do not get punished
You walk in 3 minutes late
You are not marked tardy
You work things in your favor
You do not accept alternatives
You only compare yourself to others, when they improve
You constantly pretend
You act like you don’t care
You say it’s a joke but you don’t even know what it really means
You complain about your time
You complain about your people
You complain about the love you're given
You are reason to complain
You are inconsiderate
You are wrong
You are selfish
You are mean
You are deceiving
You are rude
You have no sense of respect
You do not make sense of responsibility
You ignore me and leave me
You do not listen and you do not care
You want to talk and I listen
You do not listen when I talk
You say, “sorry I wasn’t listening, oops”
You get mad when I do not listen
You should not say “sorry” if you do not mean it
You pretend all the time
You cry and cover up
You mess with others and act like you are innocent
You just do not mind
You are characterized as “drama-free”
You are the major drama contributor to me
You do not understand
You do not care
You work to your benefit
You do not apply
You have no effort
You are late
You do not have all the requirements
You still are the same as me
You don’t do it right
You still get all the points
You take loopholes and shortcuts
You still make 3 minutes late
You chase him like a dog
You create a wall between your pet
You tell him no but you do not mean it
You say he is obsessed
You chase him anyways
You do not see clearly
You are oblivious and fine
You are clueless and “intelligent”
You cry when you complain
You think everything should be about you
You do not see the point
You do not benefit you
You do not benefit others
You do not see me
You see the ones that laugh with you
You can not be without you
You are crazy and mean and psychotic and mindless
You can not contain yourself
You think you are perfect
You do not work for your spot
You do not work hard for your being
You think you deserve it all
You do not
You must work
You must be
You do not know how
You are given everything you need
You do not get what I really need
You make me mad
You are crazy and weird
You are my closest memory
You are my best friend

The author's comments:

A releif from stress and built up feelings.

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