The numbers of our existense

November 10, 2017
By Squidwardtortellini GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
Squidwardtortellini GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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As a child, we learn about numbers.
We are told to remember our certain [ID] number
How to carry the 1
how to multiply 4 by 5
How to find the x in an equation of numbers

Slowly as we grow these numbers start to have more meaning
And start to define us more
These numbers get to decide what we drink or inhale
These numbers get to decide where we go in life

I am one number out of  7 billion numbers
The funny part is I don't know where I start nor where I end
I have a 10 digit number where you can reach me
I have a 9 digit number that the government uses to identify me
I have an 8 digit birthday that marks another year of my life
I have a 7 digit license plate that once again helps the government keep track of me 
I have a 6 digit passcode that unlocks my phone
I have a 5 digit zip code that tells me what area I live in
I have a 4 digit pin that’s used to check my available balance
I have a 3 digit area code that a bunch of numbers are clustered in 
I have a 2 digit lucky number that I put all my trust in
I know one and only 1 thing, Numbers define us

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