28 truths from 28 days in the psych ward

November 10, 2017
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one : He's not coming back.

two : i wouldn't come back, either 

three : cigarettes are expensive 

four : we're all going to die anyway

five : i wanted risks.danger. excitement. 

six : i saw Him, today

seven : that is not His mom. 

eight : not His sister,

nine : not related

ten : friends don't kiss.

eleven : hysteric girls in alleyways attract attention

twelve : i didn't know him.

thirteen : his voice was deep and smooth. he spoke with an accent

fourteen : he wanted to help me

fifteen : i was a mess

sixteen : we're all going to die anyway

seventeen : i got in his car and i saw Him through the window.

eighteen : i had hoped He was jealous 

nineteen : i had hoped He cared 

twenty : He didn't. 

twentyone : we're all going to die,

twentytwo : what is a little risk?danger? excitement? 

twentythree: no wait. stop

twentyfour : he had promised to help me

twentyfive : he lied.

twentysix : i am a fool

twentyseven : cigarettes are expensive 

twentyeight : this is why He will never come back.

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