The Fall

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

The sky, blue and vast
Above the greek countryside
On the coast of Crete
People going about their daily lives
A normal day
A shadow of a winged man
Cast by the light of the sun

High in the sky
A pair of winged men
One of a youthful build
One an elderly man
The youth played high in the sky
Whilst the the elder flew with a steady pace

The youth began to fall
With wax melting from his arms
Behind him fluttered a flock of feathers
Lofty ambition flew him high
Whilst hubris prompted his tragic fall

From far above in the sky
A father’s sorrowful cry
As his only son
Had flown too close to the sun

The author's comments:

This poem is based off of the painting known as The Fall of Icarus, which in itself is based off of the greco-roman myth about Icarus.

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