Justin Bieber

November 9, 2017
By yani1 BRONZE, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
yani1 BRONZE, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
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On of the best selling albums for young kids these days
Yet hated by the world
People say he has no talent but he taught himself how to play the drums,base,guitar and the piano since he was 3 years old
Knew how to sing and also took singing lesson to improve because you always can get better at something
People talk about how he acts towards paparazzi
But what they don’t know is that he takes time out of him your time to meet and talk to him fans
He does things for the community to give back but people don’t see that side,they only see the bad thing about him
He takes too long to make it
Yeah that may be true but who has been number one on the billboard for their new best selling album and is making better progress than Chris brown as of two thousand seventeen.
Justin Bieber.

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