November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

You were the one who was
Always there for me
Made me who i was
And how i became

I feel like you just want me
Out of your life
It's been 11 years
I love and care for you
Your like the sun in my darkness
The one who I go to for

Everything and i'm always here
For you but you chose him
The guy who disrespects and
Treats everyone around him
Like the scum on the bottom of his feet

I trusted you i cared for you
And you left for someone who
Probably will not even be around
In the next year we care for you
We love you
We house you
You left like i did not
Even matter like i couldn't
Do anything right

Please don't forget me for
I am too small and to weak
To lose the one thing in my life that
I never wanted or expected to leave
Broken i will be when you leave

The author's comments:

Friends always leave but they always come back 

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