Here We go Again

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Break me down like you always
Do don't hold back you lay
me down in a sea of sadness
And crush and spit me out sadden
But i can finally break
Free and see you eat
All the sadness you dish
Out but you're like a fish
Gasping for the air of life
But let's get out of the box

Here we go again you
Love to hit me with your
Hurtful words and uncaring eyes
But i'm here with your stupid lies
As you can't even tell the truth
Once but i'm the bad one for hating me
You are the one who belittles everything you see

So just leave me alone
Never come back stoned
Or pass out in my yard
Screaming how you miss my heart
Or my personality because you are
The one who up and cheated
Stealing a part of me

The author's comments:

Theres always people who push you away but come back after they know they lost what they were looking for there whole life 

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