Saved From Pain

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

You stole my heart
Then you decided to rip it apart
And crushed me and made me feel
Terrible it was like the world
Just wanted me to break

But now i'm free
I can fly away ive
Made a grand mistake
You liked my heart
As much as you liked
The pain in my eyes

After you I just decided
To give up but now
Someone swept me off my feet
And i'm soaring so free
That boy is the best thing that
Happened to me

My heart and soul
Feel on fire I can feel
Happy and at peace
For once I don't have
To worry no more

You are there for
Me and only me
I trust you with
My heart and soul if
Not I would've let you go

The author's comments:

Heartbreak happens but theres someone always there to help you get thrugh it 

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