Snow top glory

November 9, 2017
By M.Larsen BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
M.Larsen BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
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I envy the mountains, the freedom and peace they give to people, I miss that feeling of being on top of the world, now all I want to do is go back in time, about 3 years ago, when I was up on top of the world and above the clouds, I saw the city below me... people rushing to work on the crowded streets, making important calls all day long. And you think, the world wasn't like this years ago. When the peace and freedom you had was everything you had, so few know about it now. Mountains are pretty, someone said to me. Yes they are, but it's so much more amazing when you're there... In person, and all you can even see is the sun glimmering on the snow. It's summer and guess what, that snow is still there because there's just something about the grace it gives to the view, the trees that you feel like you could touch even though they're miles above your head, some of the trees are covered in snow too. Because there's something everyone likes about the snow, something about the way the sun makes it sparkle I guess. Because everyone sees that and they say I want to get closer. I do, I do want to get closer again I want to BE there. I want to touch the icy snow, and stay there forever. I miss it, the top-of-the-world feeling, the snow, too. The get-away feeling I get when I'm up there. It's amazing, glorious, even.

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Backpacking is something I love doing, I always want to get away from the problems of our society. The phone signal, the warmth of our own home that makes us all too comfortable. I think that everyone needs a break, and I miss that feeling. Like you conquered the world :)

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