November 8, 2017
By frenchfri BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
frenchfri BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
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She won't even look at me
And im vomiting im sorrys
And they're all in my head
In my eyes
Down to my fingertips

And so every touch is just sorry
But i can’t say sorry
Because she won’t talk to me

And my eyes are crying please
But she doesnt know because i’m gross
And she won’t look at me
Because i’m just weak and afraid

I’m walking through the ambres
of skies i never knew
That never knew me

He’s singing now
And his voice is like a cry
A cry for me to hear him
And i do

But he doesn’t know
because i won’t look at him

He’s singing hanging tree
And what a fitting song

The author's comments:

my close friend wouldnt talk to me so i panicked

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