While Time Shall Turn, I Shall Wait

November 8, 2017
By RachelReid SILVER, Murphy, North Carolina
RachelReid SILVER, Murphy, North Carolina
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What would you do, if once in the morn,
I turned father time, back ‘till he warned?
Oh, what you would view, what you would
seek! I would show thee this, if only I could.

While time will flit its delicate wing,
I shall choose to wander o’er hills and sing:
“What may I do, if time would grant me,
the simple wish, that I could seek thee?”

Would mistakes be broken, and choices required?
Would life go on, with what had transpired?
Would stars align to change certain events,
of which we have pondered and dissected contents?

If I could seek thee once more, the autumn leaves
would be all but vanquished, the seasons as thieves.
If could seek thee for an hour,
you should return to me, a precious flower.

Give me your hand, my faraway dearest
tell me of a place, which you are nearest.
I would grant you my thoughts, if only somewhere,
you could receive my message, as a cool winter’s air.

Oh! But time continues to linger, tiptoeing corners,
snaking through hallways, commanding his orders.
He walks farther, until out of sight, however,
not out of mind, due to my future endeavor.

But these wishes grow faint, as a soft glowing lamp.
Time shall rid me of my thoughts, upon these he will tramp.
Giving shadow to a once magnificent light,
which is now a smoldering, deafening fright.

While time shall turn, ticking as one, I shall wait
conforming to my inevitable fate.
My dearest whisper, a faint memory, a heart unfading,
a distant reminder of your presence, so invading.

The author's comments:

"While Time Shall Turn, I Shall Wait" is a free verse poem which is told from the point of view of a lady, who has experienced the loss of a past significant other. This lady has never let this man go, continuing to dwell upon him, hoping that he would present himself to her, or receive her message of longing. She wishes that "father time" would turn back, allowing her to express her true love to this man, whom she regrets letting slip away from her grasp. However, towards the end of this poem, a conclusion is given to the reader. The once bright and fiery desire to find her past man, has now turned into a subtle hint of "moving on". This is due to time, which can allow for healing.

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