Stones of Age

November 8, 2017
By Zachary.GH BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
Zachary.GH BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
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I glow like the crystals on the pavement,

forged by the embers of humanity.

I glimmer with the sparks of new light, 

into the farthest darks.

And I gleam, my eyes locked.

Listening for a guiding voice.

Waiting, and listening, 

for the answer. I do not know.

But I find inside,

the inspiration that starts the torrent,

and the bright new flesh,

That makes me wonder.

And the new age Ive come to understand,

childishly, I dont know,

the answer, to skin and bones.

To the inner light.

My crystal blackens with soot,

and the melted stone,

of a new age.

The author's comments:

I wrote the first line thinking about the glowing particles of blacktop pavement. I took that idea and used it to describe growing up into a new age and new person. 

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