Mommy Cheated

November 8, 2017
By jewel.crayons BRONZE, Germantown, Wisconsin
jewel.crayons BRONZE, Germantown, Wisconsin
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I wonder if perhaps,
Things would be the same,
If I hadn't,
Called my sister names,
If I'd just put,
The Barbie dolls away,
Then maybe I'd have been good enough,
For mom to want to stay,
If I'd just cleaned my room,
If I'd just gone to bed,
If I'd just taken a bath,
If I'd just eaten all I was fed,
Because mom loved dad,
Before I came along,
Maybe it's my fault,
Their love is moving on.

The author's comments:

When my parents began getting divorced, I always thought it was my fault. And my mom let me think that, when in reality it was hers.

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