Seeking Safe Harbor

November 8, 2017
By Anonymous

Cruising slowly across the quiet sea
I feel the cool water splash on my face
The sun shines brightly down on my body
To which direction, I know not where I am going
Playful dolphins swim up to our beautiful boat
Squeaking and squirming; they make me happy and forgetful of my problems if just for one moment
My fears and doubts are erased as if they had never existed
I feel complete and utter peace
Enjoying nature and all it has to offer
The soothing waves continue to calm my inner soul
The clear skies lift my spirits and bring hope to my future
A day on the water has calmed my nerves
My mind is free, and I am ready to face any challenges that may come my way
A glorious day has begun
A safe harbor is on the horizon; a future that will be bright and promising.

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