The seperation

November 8, 2017
By dracoTgrace PLATINUM, Fairview, Pennsylvania
dracoTgrace PLATINUM, Fairview, Pennsylvania
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Each mile is a thorn to my heart
Another tear to cry
The emotions hit like a tsunami
When you left
I could feel myself drowning
Dragged down by currents
More powerful than me
Than I had thought they would be

The space between us is centrifugal force
Ripping us apart slowly
I’m trying to hold on
I started clinging before you left
Ice gripped my heart
I hugged you tighter
But the distance is
More powerful than us
Then we had thought it would be

Know halfway around the world
I’m waiting for you to return
I’m daydreaming about seeing you again
Wishing on stars
Looking at plane tickets
This love I feel is
More powerful than me
Than I had thought it could be

But I'm letting you go now
I'm sorry to you
I'm sorry to me
This separation
Is a demon our love can't fight

But these oceans that look so big now
Can be crossed in six hours
This world that looks so big now
Has the tendency to bring people together
No matter how impossible it seems now
I'll find my way to you
I will see you again

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