A letter to you

November 8, 2017
By Tupacislife_24 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
Tupacislife_24 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
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"Through every dark night, is a brighter day" -Tupac Shakur

To the girl I left broken hearted,
I know you hate me because you said it yourself, but at some point it kills me that you meant something else.
I didn’t do a whole lot, but in your mind I did
I thought that I was doing all the right things and you made me think that I was the worse human being for not texting you at a certain time , you tried convincing me that I was wrong in every situation when all along it was the both of us not seeing eye to eye
Maybe our lenses weren’t wide enough , weren’t clear enough , we could never agree to save our lives, but we had the best conversations at night , the ones where we put aside everything and spilled out every thought , it makes me sad to know that it was okay , but now it’s not
It’s like there’s always issues with you and I, distance ever since you moved away was the worst thing and I know that you didn’t mean the hurtful words that you said to me, but sometimes when we end up yelling and screaming both of us aren’t thinking, something tells me that we weren’t meant to be, but I hate thinking that I wasted my time on something so special and filled with beauty
We were toxic, gasoline, oil, every other fuel thrown into a wildfire blindly and I wished that wasn’t true.
To the girl I left broken hearted,
I’m so sorry, but we can’t be with each other, I love you, but there’s nothing else that we can do.
The Love Lost

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