Manifest Destiny

November 21, 2017

3 is a magic number
The father, The Son and The Holy Ghost

3 bodies hung before 3 o’clock
Waiting for dawn on the 3rd day

Oh worship.

Pilgrims pillaging calling it pioneering
Pirates with a cover most holy
In the name of God we are united.

Disease came. a gift to spare the natives from living as the oppressed

To God be the Glory

The brave didn’t die for nothing but for something
Promises brought to them by the wind taken by splashing water.

And Mercy?

The understanding that gods amongst men can show none.
Should incite fear not interest- a cold to set in your stomach.

Then the beads were covered in blood, the corn was harvested and the trail of God's plan was burnt into the soil.

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Arielled88 said...
today at 8:24 pm
Simply amazing.
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