November 21, 2017
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 I can still see her.

Laughing through the tears-
Chasing away her fears-

I still imagine her here.
Sidekicks forever-
Like it was when we were together-

I wish I could take her pain.
She began to slow-
I was left to grow-

I haven’t seen her in about a year.
Funny how she still crosses my mind-
I just wish I could find-
A way to bring her home.

I hear about the worst of it.
She can’t find the answer-
As to why she can’t find laughter-
Strength of a wounded fighter-

I then had a dream.
She stood there gracefully-
Then disappeared painlessly-
I was helpless.

I’m almost out of words.
There’s no more I can say.
She’s the only one to get it.
I wish she could see me today.
I wish she could hear me call her name…

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skywenk said...
today at 9:04 am
I really like this, moving around a lot as a kid , I know how this can feel! I can't wait to hear more writing from you.
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