What Are You Doing to Me?

November 21, 2017
By TissuePaperPetals SILVER, Millsboro, Delaware
TissuePaperPetals SILVER, Millsboro, Delaware
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Your eyes are so deep and dark,
I can see centuries of secrets within them.
They are black pools of whispered sweet nothings
from generations and generations before you.
And when I look at them,
I see it all

Oh, if you could crack open my ribs,
push past my lungs,
and see my heart;
You would know exactly what I meant when I said that
it doesn’t know how to behave.
When I’m around you,
it jump starts.
But when you
touch me,
embrace me,
kiss me,
it stops entirely.

And when your lips meet mine,
my whole face reddens and
my brain turns into
You couldn’t possibly understand my thoughts when
my cheeks turn that lovely shade of
firetruck red.
I think of you, and a warmth spreads from
my chest to the tips of my fingers and toes,
and suddenly everything is too

And I used to think I was so smart!
That is, until my brain got so muddled from
being with you.
My thoughts switch from
quadratic equations
to the impish arch of your eyebrows seamlessly,
without my consent.
It is a miracle that I can get anything done with your
spider leg eyelashes
butterfly kissing the edges of my consciousness.

I want to gather your warmth,
your touch,
and bottle it up so that I can take it with me everywhere I go.
Like a pocket watch or a photograph,
I could pull it out and look at it whenever I choose.
One thing I can take with me is your name.
When I say it, it slides off of my tongue and tastes like
smooth, sweet caramel.
I want to live in that taste,
and go back to a state of being where I don’t have to
wake up or
go to anywhere or
Just exist in that feeling.

I never truly understood love,
not in its fullest sense.
I did not understand how people could stare into each other’s eyes,
or talk to each other for hours upon hours,
until I met you.
You took my stone heart and helped it bloom into a
stunning flower
whose petals reach for the sun.
I want to hold the sun, and the closest I’ve gotten yet
is holding you.

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