November 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Is feeling the beating sun on your face
Feeling it crawl its way into every pore
But feeling so cold
Not the cold you can feel by touching me
But the cold you can feel by looking at me
Looking into my dark eyes
My frozen eyes
And seeing the reflection of your own flame
As if there’s hope

You don’t realize how warm you were
Until you feel the cold
The chills rush across your skin
The goose bumps are the mountains of your emotions
Up and down
Up and down
You live in the valleys

Is your sunken-in cheek bones
That mark the blows from your own bruised fists
Scratched throat
Too rasp to speak
Too raw from barking up the same tree
You run against the grain

Shards of wood
Daggers to the heart
Weapons you build up to rip yourself apart
You wish it was that easy to kill your demons
But splinters don’t stop them
So why does a tear stop you

Is a never ending fogged highway
You drive, and drive
And crash it into yourself, and spin around
Head on an axis
Emotions swirling
Like stars, sparks of pain, sparks of yourself
Forming constellations modeled after those moments
That strike you down
Burn up in the atmosphere

Stars shoot for wishes
But so do guns
So why is one so much more promising
So much more welcoming
So much more-

Is your eyes wide open
But it’s so dark
Not like there’s something in your eye
Like there’s something in your heart
Call it what you will, a sty, a tear
Keeping you from seeing all the light
A veil that blocks out everything good
Shielded in your dark world
Breathing in your dark air
Choke on it

The author's comments:

It hurts. And it's inexorable. 

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