why do people call me skinny?

November 21, 2017
By Anonymous

“Why are you so skinny and tall, do you even eat?”- Parents friends. The thought of someone telling me that makes me want to gain more weight.
“You’re so skinny and weak that you can be easily break”- My friends.
Wow so I’m considered as a stick, when you touch me I die?
Half of the time I hate being skinny and half of the time I don’t even care.
But, when I walk around the hallways of school I feel so tall than other girls I had seen. Makes me be seen as the “Other Side”. Every single day people always say why don’t you eat more, I try so hard to eat many food that my weight is still the same. I don’t understand, it’s okay for you to tell me to gain weight but, I can’t tell you to lose weight? I’m beautiful about my boney body just like how you love your curves. The “Twig like” are the perfect body for a model that the others hate because they’re fat. When people see me being so skinny they offer to take part of their fat and give them to me. I find that disgusting, I know I am skinny but, I don’t want your fat into my body. My body I like the way it is and I don’t want to change it. Be happy with the body you have, you will regret it after.

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