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November 21, 2017
By ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
Be yourself, there's no one better.

Some people don't care
Whether they live or die
They take it as a dare
To see how long they can survive

Doing reckless things
Laughing at the danger
Thinking oh I'll just sprout wings
But what they don't wager

Some day it'll be too late
You can't turn back the clock
To an earlier date
To settle your boat back in the dock

It may be you that's gone
But everyone else is still here
And for them everythings wrong
Because your no longer there

You may not value your own life
That doesn't mean no one else does
For them it won't be alright
It'll hurt them to think of you as a was

I need you to know your loved
I need you to see
I need you to know your needed
I know, because you are to me

Please don't devalue yourself
Everything I said is true
Having you in my life is one of my wealths
Your wanted, because I need you

The author's comments:

Just my thoughts on how people are these days. 

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