Peter Pan

November 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Take me far away I ask.
Over the clouds and sea.
Away from this lonely town that never loved me.
Hold my tender hands, tell me that “I Can”.
Oh please take me, Peter Pan.

Take me to Neverland, so I can smile.
To never grow up and laugh for miles.
Peter Pan, won’t you take me away?
I promise this time, I’ll forever stay.
Oh please take me, Peter Pan.

I don’t want to cry anymore.
I want to be with you on the soft quiet land.
Playing games and having fun with you.
I promise I won’t shove you in the sand.
Oh please take me, Peter Pan.

Our shadows can run and be free.
While we walk as far as the eye can see.
Just the second star to the right, straight on till morning.
Neverland is the place my mind is adoring.
Oh please take me, Peter Pan.

I’m sorry for leaving you, Peter Pan.
I never wanted to, I swear.
I’m sorry for breaking your now young damaged spirit.
Peter, I’ll never leave you again.

Your short tamed orange hair brings me home,
Your shadow is what I only know.
This place is like a fantasy and magical too,
Peter, I’ll never forget you.

When you sprinkled me with gold dust and told me to believe.
To believe in you and to believe in me.
Told me we would fly and never ever land.
Peter, show me how to fly.

Your world is my new reality and Peter, you’re all I need.
I won’t grow up anymore I swear.
Don’t let me cry anymore, please.
Don’t let me grow up Peter Pan.

I loved your everything and who you’ve become.
You’re my river that forever runs,
Your comforting songs flood my ears and they’ll forever remain.
Don’t let me neglect those words, Peter.

Let me taste the memories, I’ve forgotten,
Let me taste the memories that fall from your mouth Peter.
Allow my fingers to remember your touch as they trail along your features.
Make me remember Peter, and don't let me forget.

The author's comments:

I no longer wanted to be sad, I just needed to feel like I was okay. 'Peter Pan' let me soar through my thoughts with the hope of a new reality.

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