On Dirtbiking (based after Billy Collins' On Turning Ten' MAG

November 27, 2017
By Matan BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
Matan BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
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The whole idea of it makes me feel
like I’m flying through the air.
Nothing can ruin the fun. I’m free.
The faster I go, the better. The higher I go, the better.
I’m free. No worries except for staying on the trail.
You tell me I can’t do it. But I won’t listen.
Why should I give up that feeling?
The feeling of excitement. I may believe you.
But I won’t tell you. I’ll block it out.

And at this moment I’m too excited to give up.
That feeling. I can’t describe it.
I’m not sure anyone can. It’s just that special.
Too special to express, except for on the bike.
This is the beginning of a new excitement.
A new fun. A new freedom. It is a great feeling.
It seems only yesterday I learned to ride.
But all this took place eight years ago.
Now I have progressed.
And still, every second of it still feels free.

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