Be Who You Are

November 27, 2017
By coiki BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
coiki BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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Be Who You Are 

As a kid, 
I didn’t care what I wore. 
Didn’t care for the brand or if it came from the store. 
But see, 
things have changed a lot more.
Nowadays if it doesn’t have a check on the sleeve it must mean you are poor.
And nowadays, 
I can’t even step out the door. 
See it makes me self-conscious,
so I have to be cautious on whatever I have on my drobe.

But see.
Some people really don’t care.
But the way society is built 
and if it’s not made from a silk 
I feel like they stare.
I’ve always been scared.

That was the mindset for the first years of school. 
Wore Nike Sb’s with a black Grizzly Tee cus I thought it was cool.
Had similar jeans like the ones that you see being held up with tool’s. 
I kept drowning myself in out branded pool’s. 
Never had the time to visualize if I was the fool.

It’s funny although, 
even when had all the clothes.
I remember Aldo telling me I was fat so I lost forty-four.
Changed so much from opinions was technically torn. 
Was no longer the kid that would fall in the floor. 
Almost achieved happiness, until I was told.
All the same gibberish they’ve been saying before, 
just a little bit different like that kid in the store, 
instead of staring at b****es he’s staring at bros 
he’s scared to confess so he’s keeping it closed
he wants to be straight because that’s what he’s told.

But you see.
You don’t have to change your life.
Just because they have a different mindset and can’t seem to find it right.  
So please just stop being polite.
And get your ass up and fight.
Stop all that crying through the night, 
your mindset is the only thing not right. 

Be who you are.
Even if you don’t seem similar as that guy from afar. 
Cus deep down you’re not far apart.
Everyone’s just human,
we all just play different parts.

it’s ok to be different.
It’s ok to be weird. 
Be who you are, 
stand up for yourself without having fear.
Don’t listen to them 
cus they also cry tears.
Just be who you are.

They’re still going to talk on the way that you walk, 
so why change for them when they can’t touch the bar
they cannot see the beauty but you define art
they may have the hatred but you have the heart
without hesitation just be who you are 
don’t let them dictate on the person you are. 

Wipe them tears from your cheeks,
you are stronger than that.
It’ll be a good in a week, 
I can promise you that. 

If it’s not In a week, 
then wait for the next.
If it still ain’t there yet,
just make it your best. 
Just remember to smile, 
every chance that you get. 
It’s easy to give in to the evil within,
but how you gone complain 
when you’ve always been blessed.  

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