Love Hates

November 8, 2017
By Skylier BRONZE, Coal Valley, Illinois
Skylier BRONZE, Coal Valley, Illinois
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You call me bright,
But I have no Light,

You tell me I’m great,
But I feel easy to hate,

You tell me I’m everything,
But I feel like nothing,

You explain to me all of these things,
So my happiness finally shows it’s wings,

I begin to enjoy your company,
Begin to think that I am somebody,

I think that I had found some spark,
This weird little feeling inside my heart,

I didn’t want to put a name on it,
But in my mind I had to admit,

It felt like happiness,
It was full of craziness,

I had never known this feeling,
Didn’t know what I was seeing,

I waited many a day,
For something that you would say,

To myself I kept lying,
I let my mind keep flying,

I wanted to tell you how I felt,
My mind it did begin to melt,

I went insane trying to tell you,
What to say I never knew,

One day I finally told,
The secret that I hold,

You gave it one single dirty look,
And at that moment my heart was shook,

Now again I feel like nothing,
Yet you will tell me that I am something,

You keep my mind in the dark,
And one day soon it will kill my heart.

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