When i walk into a room

November 27, 2017

When I walk into the room,
People see a light skinned girl
With bright red hair
Who is quiet but so funny
One who makes everything a joke
But they don’t know what i hide
When I walk into the room, what people don’t see is the pain that’s built up inside me
The anger I have on my mind and heart
They don’t see that my life has been nothing but tragic moments since I can remember
They don’t see the pain i have from both of my cousins being murdered a few months ago
My brother being murdered just last year
My brother just got incarcerated for Murder
I’ve took L after L my whole life
I have to hide behind a simple smile
When I walk into the room, people assume
I’m stuck up
I’m anti-social
I’m rude
When i just don’t talk
When I walk into the room, what people dont know about me is i dont speak because im unhappy
I dont socialize because everybody I’m close to
Eventually gets taken from me
So when i walk into a room i don’t know who I really am. I just act how I’m used to

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