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November 21, 2017
By Talon1221 BRONZE, Aventura, Florida
Talon1221 BRONZE, Aventura, Florida
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Fourteen billion years ago,
The universe started to grow.
The Big Bang exploded,
And life flowed;
The explosion spread matter
into the outer space.
This was the first phase,
The creation of a new place,
For the beginning of a new race;
Soon planets are surging,
Lives are emerging
As stars are burning,
Life is flooding
Until one day, they blow,
And create a black hole.
Then Earth appeared
And dinosaurs were feared,
But a comet hit here
And they all disappeared;
Fourteen billion years ago
The universe started to grow
And one day everything
Will become a black hole.

The author's comments:

The universe was what induced me to write this piece. It is so amazing the fact that we are all able to live in earth right now, but one day that might not happen anymore. One day everything might end and we would be just a mere piece of its history. We should adimre it while we can, because we never know when it would end.

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