Why me?

November 18, 2017
By Anonymous

why did you rape me?
was it because I ceased to be eleven,
was it because I didn't realised that your touch was adversed, or
was it because I never spoke up,
and therefore you never stopped to,
was it so !

why did you rape me?
was it because I started wearing skiny dresses,
was it because my body had a tremendous out growth, or
was it because I was dumb kid who didn't knew what to speak,
and therefore you had no fear left,
was it so !

why did you rape me?
was it because I had the sweetest smile, glowing
between my nose and chin. why
but only I know the truth about the deep
secrets held within.
was it because I had the prettiest eyes that have
seen more than they should.
and had cried more delicate tears than
anyone eles ever could.

why did you rape me?
was it because I could face the darkness,
was it because my innocence could show off my pain.
and therefore you left all scars on my body,
was it so !

I may have the kindest heart, but that
came with the cost.
It has felt the worst pains, and
experienced the greatest loss.
I cannot change the past, an event
to which I succumbed.
but I can focus on present , and
change what has to come.

we are all so different , yet so much same.
everyone , in same way or other, will
experience the same kind of pain.
everyone has that one thing they don't want to recall,
into each life the rain has to fall.

but in the end,
i would still ask you why me?

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