November 7, 2017
By mickey2088 BRONZE, St. Charles, Illinois
mickey2088 BRONZE, St. Charles, Illinois
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We the people of the United States,


Bang. He's shot another one down, it's the melanin in his skin that's sure to confound the hate, that you feel in the deep of your bones, another colored boy down while your white ones at home. This country of equality is more about monogamy as long as it's with a woman or a man  whatever's opposite of you.


In order to form a more perfect union,


A union of perfection where women's rights are stripped as their bodies expand, no one is even there to lend a helping hand because that would be too easy.


Establish justice,


That colored boy you shot lay there bleeding alone, the pictures in court are sure to confirm, but don't worry you’ll get off early because your bleached white skin means good behavior, so five years for you, and a life time for the man who's only a couple concealer shades down from you.


Insure domestic tranquility,


Black lives matter, Feminism riots, and Anti Trump riots are providing our tranquility, in the United States it's more common to hear the screams of the hate than to hear the roar of love, we would rather fight about reproduction or what gender you are than stop and hug someone who's having a bad day or give a dollar to those in need, so we scream instead of help in order to help even though we are constantly ignored. We make no difference the country shouts, that's why we don't vote, or help out, and that's why I'm complaining about the rich white man in office when I didn't even vote for the young black man to give him a chance.


Provide for the common defense,


Provide for our army by giving them buildings with asbestos, barely any cleaning supplies, broken buildings, cars, equipment, but give us the weapons to kill the enemy. Providing for the common defense by rejecting jobs and housing to the 39,471 homeless veterans there are every night on the streets of the United States. “They say that in the army the food is mighty fine, a biscuit rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine...” hundreds of troops lay waiting to die in Afghanistan and we do not have adequate food or supplies for them. They come home and we expect them to deal with the horrible memories of the people they shot and the torture they endured without mental help readily available.


Promote the general welfare,


People are shot daily. Racist, sexist, judgements slurs slung at them. We preach you're supposed to look a certain way and act a certain way. The magazines show the youth how they should be and we do nothing to change it. Girls want to change their bodies, their mental state has crumbled. Promoting the general welfare by crumbling people's mind with absurd standards and harmful opinions is why the youth fight back against our government. Because being normal is outrageously hard.


And insure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.


The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by the isues currently going on in the world and how it related wot our preamble for the constitution.

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