Unforgettable Love

October 26, 2017
By emmydoll99 BRONZE, League City, Texas
emmydoll99 BRONZE, League City, Texas
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She is everything that I’ve ever dreamed a girl could be.
She is sweet, beautiful, smart, and funny.
She is just the most important woman in my life:
She is someone whom I will love for all eternity.
The most brilliant, extravagant woman.
She is the light to my darkness,
She is the heaven to my hell,
She repents all my sins,
Her touch fixes all my faults;
Her kisses renews my world.
She is like the angel sent to control the devil that lies within me.
She is like Aphrodite to my Medusa,
She is the peace to my world domination,
She is the light of my world.

So why?

Why did she leave me here to rot in this unforgivable world?
Did God want to make me suffer for all that I’ve done?
Is this the reason that no light will rain down upon me again?
The world is dead to me
Everyone will suffer for what they have said.
They will suffer for killing my sweet Anastasia.
Anastasia, why did you leave?
Why did you listen to all of those idiotic people?

They don’t know you like I do.
They never did!

You are beautiful
                              not “ugly”

You are the perfect size
                                         not “fat”

You are the smartest being
                                              not a “retard”

You are the sweetest
                                    not a “wench”

You are funny
                          not a “stick in the mud”

You are as innocent as can be
                                                  not a “s***”

You were perfect
                             not “imperfect”

You were my world.

Why did you leave me?
Why are you gone?
Why did God take you away from me?

Everyone on this planet will suffer a painful end
Everyone will burn and perish.
Everyone will know the pain that I went through,
Everyone will know what it is like,
They will know what it is like to die.

Just like the way they forced you to.
Forced you away from me forever.
They forced you to take your life,
They said all those hateful words,
The words that made you kill yourself,
The words that took your life,
The words that took you away from me.

Now they will know,
They will know

What it is like to be burned, hanged, shot, or poisoned.
Just like all of your attempted suicides,

Except for the last one.
You were ripped from my arms,
Doomed to never walk this earth again.

Why did they hurt you?
Did they not see how precious you were to me?
Why did they take you from me?
Could they not see that you made me happy?
That you were my light in this world,
That you kept me sane,
That I put all my trust in you.

Now that you were taken from me,
I’ll never love,
Never trust,
Never believe in anyone ever again.

They will burn,
This whole world will burn.
They’ll all be in despair.
No one will escape my wrath,
No one will ever get my mercy,
If they plead for their lives,
They will never live to say another word.

People will perish,
Just like I did when they took you from me.

I will take everyone with me
To the underworld.

They will never see your pretty smile ever again,

But I will,
Because you are the angel sent to guide me.

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