Dear Bully

October 18, 2017

Dear bully.
I was going to write a poem about how much you disgust me,
But I realized I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.
So dear bully, thank you.

Thank you for just being a jerk,
Because you taught me to be kinder to everyone.

Thank you for talking s***,
Because you taught me who I could REALLY trust.

Thank you for throwing me on the ground,
Because you taught me how to pull myself right back up.

Thank you for telling me my dreams were hopeless,
Because you taught me how to persevere, and chase my dreams.

Thank you for the mental abuse,
Because you taught me no superhero is coming to rescue me.
I have to be my own savior.

Thank you for insulting my sexuality,
Because you taught me to love even harder

Thank you for telling me I should kill myself,
Because you taught me how to speak for those who are standing on a chair with a rope around their neck,
For those with a loaded gun to their head too afraid to ask for help,
because I’ve been there,
and you taught me that it isn’t until were already half-dead that we realize how beautiful life actually is.

Thank you for calling me ugly,
Because you made me realize people lie, A LOT.
But all jokes aside, you taught me what insecurity feels like,
And I understand that you’re the one who’s actually insecure.

So Dear bully, I hope you learn to love yourself.

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