You, me and snapchat: part 1

November 18, 2017
By mer_nsumbu GOLD, Leeds, Other
mer_nsumbu GOLD, Leeds, Other
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I trail off, there’s this ...awkard,                           space between us
An empathetic emoji, an excuse to leave, a message suggesting we leave the conversation where we left it
But it’s not here anymore, it’s somewhere else, like you
We can come back to it when your’re bored again
You know where to find me, where I always am
On the other side, waiting by my iPhone, eager to hear what you have to say

The author's comments:

You'd think this conversation was a sandwhich filler, all these fillers.

That was a joke.


Inspired by fruitless conversations with a crush. At some point you have to give up and move on but you don't want to. If you read the parts in chronological order it seems as though the persona is finally beginning to move on. If you read them backwards she/he is retreating. If you read them in a random order, see where you end up. 

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