Ruff Life

November 17, 2017
By Brittany Burroughs BRONZE, Grundy Center, Iowa
Brittany Burroughs BRONZE, Grundy Center, Iowa
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Coming into this world blind
Unstable and frail I sit on my behind
The outside was cold after birth
I sniffled in search for warmth
Stumbling and budging for food
Having to wait, being the exclude
Days and weeks started to tick by
Some crowded by people, others by only sky
The family shrinking with fewer everyday
Hands pointing and circling, shuffling me out of the way
Peering up, I tilt my head in curiosity and hope
Yet always I was the one left behind to cope
Finally chosen, I was happily lifted in a box
Driving until the tires hit some rocks
Playing a game it was my time to hide
Hous passing, surrounded with the smell of dirty socks outside
When in the dark and cold I came to realize
Coming to consensus I had to rationalize
I ventured out on my own
Sniffling, hoping, wishing, just searching for a home
Cold and wet, strangers breeze sent chills through my chest
Undercover I lay my head to rest
Awakened by the sweet smell of dirt and muck
Some small cold hands had picked me up
Bathed and dried I felt cozy inside
Yet still nervous I searched for a place to hide
Found, you cuddled, I’m now warm
Relaxing, for I’d finally found my home

We rolled around and slept nuzzled next to a toy
You’re mine, and nothing will hurt you my boy
Days grew longer, you got older
We play fewer, see lesser, as nights get colder
You started being gone all the time
Yet I felt guilty for committing the crime
Your shoes get torn and damage when asleep
Cause those are the things that make you leave
You brought over this new person who's a girl
Laughing and smiling she seemed to be your world
Yet one day you got sad
We were reminiscing and playing like we had
I nudged and jumped so we wrestled on the floor
Got you to smile and we payed tug-of-war
Knowing the storms come we went outside in a flash
You scoop up the ball, I’m ready to dash
I retrieve, you throw, we went back and forth
We hear a rumble, just wanted one more
What was the last ball he threw for fetch
Chasing after because I didn’t catch
Gravel flying all around
The world seemed quiet, not a sound
Lights are bright, coming in hot
I smelt the earthy metallic rain fall, as I froze on the spot
I think about our first memory and all we’ve been through
Don’t want to leave you boy, wasn’t my choice, I think I have to
At last I exhale and like a white light I become blind
I glance back and see nothing behind

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