November 17, 2017
By Anonymous


Pursed, dry lips

Throat on fire

Lungs filled with pain

I’d rather have burning in my throat

Than the burning of my love for you

The gulp in my throat from crying over you

I got addicted to the liquid courage

For it made me forget about the pain you caused me

But the memories came up quick when the bottle had one last drip

I got addicted to the nicotine stick filled with smoke

Doing a thing that would make me feel weak, made me feel stronger

I felt empowered by lighting the match

I got addicted to toxic people

They filled the empty part of myself I couldn’t fill

But the one thing that I got addicted to the most

Was you.

Your brown eyes were my weakness

I became an addict for your love

Went into rehab to repair my broken heart

I have been sober of you for years

But there's this incredible ache in my heart that I still can’t recover from

I lay awake at night thinking of you

Wondering if you’re thinking of me

Craving you

I am addicted to the way our heartbeats

Beat off one another

We came together like ivy wrapping around each other

Our laughs serenading one another

Looking up at the stars, wondering if you’re looking at the same stars as me

Wondering if you’re missing me

The way my heart misses you

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