November 17, 2017
By Anonymous


Brown eyes are just brown eyes until you love someone with brown eyes

Brunette hair

Your sweet dimples

The way our hands fit perfectly together

The sound of your heartbeat

Surrounds me with safety

We came together like a jigsaw puzzle when we hugged

Finished each other's sentences

Our laughs serenading one another

His love for me died

I suffered the five stages of grief


How could someone ever love a girl like me?

You were in love with your ego

You were in love with her instead of me

My love for you was infinite

My lips on fire

Burning love

My heart in flames

I loved you with every bone in my body

Every tear i cried

Every nerve or feeling in my body

I loved you

I loved you more than I loved myself

Maybe that was the problem

I loved you too much

Every word you said

Every emotion you gave

Left a bruise, or scar on my precious body


You loved her more than you would ever love me

I hope one day my heart will stop mentioning you

I never hated you, because I never stopped loving you

How could I hate the person that saved me


Hands running through my hair


Tears rushing down my face

The pain in my heart

At the thought of you

Across the country, in another woman's arms

Loving her instead



The fear of never being good enough

The lies you told

I believed every single one of them

I clung to them like a blanket

To keep me warm at night

“I never loved you”

Were the last words you told me

I carry those words on my heart

All day long

“I never loved you”

Will i ever be “enough” to be loved or to love?


I found myself at 3 am with tears streaming down my face

Unable to breathe

It was in that moment, I knew I was not going to be okay

You drained me of emotion

I was lost without you

You were the missing puzzle piece of me

I was struggling to find for years

I’ve figured out though, without you, I’ll always be

Lost and never found


I want to thankyou

You sculpted me into a better person

You taught me to never love someone, ever again

I am scared to love because of what it did to me

I am curious of how it feels to be loved

I wonder if you think about me while loving another girl

I wonder if you ever think about how our love for eachother saved us both

Our love for eachother is gone but never forgotten

Sometimes I relive our memories we made

Some days I miss you more than most

But most of all

The best revenge I can ever give you

Is for you to see how happy I am without


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